Equipment Needed For Softball

As I have eluded to numerous times in this blog…I am not so good at sports. But as part of my job, we have this beer league softball type league where we all get together on Fridays and play the best to our abilities. Here is what I have learned about this surprisingly fun game.

Softball is much like baseball but played in a smaller field. The equipment used for playing softball generally depends on the age of the player, the type of game and the player’s position. The type of game can be a fast pitching or slow pitching game. A fast pitching game requires more protective equipment. Here’s a list of equipment that is needed in softball.

They’re usually larger than baseball balls. They range from anywhere between 10 inches to 16 inches. Younger players use smaller inch sized balls. Softball does not mean that the balls in themselves are soft, they are made of hard leather and that is why protective equipment is necessary.

Softball bats again differ from baseball bats. Designed to pitch larger balls, they are usually made of either aluminum or wood. Aluminum may be enhanced with titanium to make the bat lighter and to avoid shock to the player when hitting the ball. Aluminum is preferred more to wood as a material for the bats. They are designed in a specified weight to length ratio and they are manufactured according to the player’s age. Younger players of course get smaller bats as compared to adult players. For really young players, the bats may have an addition at the handle to increase grip and prevent the ball from sliding out of the player’s hand. The best slowpitch softball bats of 2016 are already being released and include some great offerings!

They are not really a necessity but they are used nonetheless, mostly by specific players in specific positions. They are designed to catch the ball and since it is quite comparably large, the gloves are also quite large as compared to baseball gloves. I love this site which shows the best 2016 softball gloves available.

They are used to mark the ground to discern where players stop or hit the home run. In league matches, as a requirement, they should be grounded. In ordinary matches however, such as an outdoor family event, they could be anything even a T-shirt since they are just markers.

Head gear is worn to protect the players from head injury. Balls can cause considerable damage or death if they strike one’s head. Helmets protect the players from such injuries.

They are modified shin guards that protect the slider from injury. They are heavily padded and with a smooth finish.
In softball the players with more likelihood of getting injured get more protective equipment. Enhancements to improve on safety include body protection gear to cover the chest and prevent body injury and mouth guards. In some places, special footwear is also a requirement but that is not a necessity.

3 Reasons Parents Love Balance Bikes

Although we’ve suffered through some scrapes and bruises, my kids love the balance bikes we picked them up for Christmas. It certainly didn’t help when I didn’t screw on the seat properly though…what a fun day that was. I used this strider 12 review when I chose our bikes. Here are some thoughts I have around this great innovation.

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock there is a good chance you have heard of balance bikes. After all, there is a lot of hype surrounding them these days. And as you will see in this article, its for good reason. Here are 3 of the many reasons parents love balance bikes.

Reason #1 – They Are Safe

As a parent safety is always priority number one. Unfortunately, traditional bikes aren’t all that safe. Often times the pedals get in the way and cause the child to fall off the bike. Training wheels make the bike very difficult to maneuver. Ride on an uneven surface and it could easily tip over. With a balance bike your child only has to focus on one thing and that’s balancing the bike.

If you haven’t noticed, there are no pedals on a balance bike. As a result the child doesn’t have to figure out how to use them. They ride the bike just like they would walk. They simply sit on the seat, grab the handle bars and use their feet to propel them forward. They will learn the three core skills of riding which are steering, leaning and balancing without even realizing it. Learning to ride using a balance bike makes it a lot easier for a child to transition to a standard bike.

Reason #2 – They Are Very Economical

Many parents believe investing in a balance bike is a complete waste of money. In reality however, the opposite is true…the best balance bikes are very economical. When you invest in a balance bike you completely eliminate the need for a tricycle and a 12 inch bike.

Most parents will buy a 12 inch bike with training wheels once the child outgrows the tricycle. The problem however is the 12 inch bike can’t be used unless the training wheels are attached. So once again the parents will have to go out and purchase another bike. Why spend all that money when you can get everything you need with one balance bike? It the big picture, the amount you pay for a balance bike is very minimal.

Reason #3 – It Encourages Children To Go Outside & Be Active

These days children would rather sit on the couch and watch TV than go outside and play. The balance bike will change all of that. Children love riding these bikes. It gives them a sense of independence and accomplishment. Because of this they will be begging you to take them outside. A balance bike makes it cool to go outside and ride around. Its so easy to use that even a…..child could use it.

It doesn’t require batteries and in most cases it will come ready to ride right out the box. Just adjust the seat and handlebars and your little one can take off. Your child should be able to keep up with you when you walk. That means this gives you a good reason to go out and get a little exercise!

Healthy Living: Tips on getting in shape

So…a little confession. I am not in great shape at all. Two kids will do that to you. However, i’ve been trying to turn things around lately and have gained some very valuable tips to help get back into my old self.

So…what are some ways to get in better shape and actually enjoy yourself? Getting in shape actually means that you need to take care of your diet, daily routine, daily tasks and workout as well. Moreover, a healthy routine and diet completes your appetite for the day so make sure that you have a sound combination of both! These tips guide you to maintain your stamina and allow you to deal with all the hardships you face during healthy living. These steps will help you get more active and efficient in your daily tasks as well.

Walk more
Strolling is one of the least demanding and best methods for expanding your movement. Try to find a friend who walks daily so that you could get a company too while walking..

Take the stairs
Whenever you find an option of using an elevator or stairs, always go for the stairs because that makes you do some exercise instead of just standing in an elevator.

Take up running
Running is really very important for a person who wants to be in shape because it keeps your body going and active as well.

Dynamic travel
Cycling or walking is the best tool to use even when going for your work. Get off open transport a stop before your destination furthermore, walk whatever is left of the way.

Trench the auto
On the off chance that you have to drive to work, attempt to stop further far from your destination and walk whatever remains of the way.

Exercise at work
Practice before or after work or amid your meal break. Your working environment might have an exercise center or you may have admittance to a swimming pool or squash courts.

Be sporty
Make yourself a bit sportier in order to keep your body going in a healthy state. Best game to keep your body in perfect shape is Baseball as it involves all of your muscles to come into action. I purchased a simple machine from this best pitching machines website and use it in my backyard for practice. Baseball also requires quite a bit of equipment like pants, shirts, bats, hats, and gloves. This best youth baseball bats 2016 site really helped me in that regard!

These tips look simple but their return is really impressive because you will feel the real difference these tips will create in your daily routine, also, it will help you in losing weight more rapidly and effectively.

To keep the body going the whole day with a proper amount of exercise, it is important to follow these tips and bring them in into your daily routine. This will not only help you in getting active but also will provide you enough confidence to live effectively as quickly as possible because these tips will increase the tendency of your body to lose weight and remain healthier. Therefore, it is equally important that you keep practicing these guidelines into your daily life so that your routine circle gets better and healthier than ever before!

What Is The Job Of The Catcher In Baseball?

I’m not much of a sports fan and know very little about sports. So you can imagine how great I felt when my son told me he wanted to play baseball. I mean how do you relate? This post provides some information for the position in particular that my son wanted to try: catcher.

What Is The Job Of The Catcher

If you are someone who needs to be recognized for your contributions to the team, the catcher’s position is not for you. As a matter of fact, it is the most thankless position on the field. With that being said, it is also one of the most important positions on the field.

As a catcher you will be involved with every play that happens in the game. You are basically the team conductor. You orchestrate what happens. The players look to you to know what’s going on.

You have several different critical responsibilities. Some of which include covering bases, signaling pitches, throwing out runners, choosing the right full sets of equipment, and relaying plays just to name a few. All of these responsibilities have equal importance. You need to be good at all of them to be an effective catcher.

It is your job to be aware of everything that’s going on on the field of play. It is also your job to know what to do in every situation. If you make the wrong move you could literally cost your team the game. Some of the information you need to know includes what the score is, what the count is, how many outs there are, how many runners are on base, is the defense ready and what type of pitch should be called.

So again, you are the conductor of your team. If there is a possible play at home you need to know about it. You have to be a great multi-tasker if you want to be a great baseball catcher. If you aren’t able to process information quickly you will find it difficult to play this position.

To conduct means to lead. As the catcher you are the leader of your team. While being able to frame, block and throw balls is important, it is just as important that you know how to be a good leader for your team. They look to you for all the vital information. The move they make will depend on the signal you give.

You have to posses the ability to remain calm under pressure. You have to be confident and a take charge type of person. In order to do that you must be very knowledgeable. Your teammates have to know they can trust your decision making. If you make a mistake, own up to it and move on. That’s what great leaders do. They don’t dwell on anything. Most catchers have great equipment to increase their confidence. I have heard that Easton is the best brand and used this Easton catchers gear reviews page to make our choices.

They keep their emotions in check and focus on the task at hand. Which in this case would be winning the game. Being a catcher may sound difficult right now, but with time and practice, you can turn yourself into one of the best catchers to ever play the game.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Baby Monitor

Most people like me don’t realize just how many things they need to consider before buying a baby monitor. Below I am going to outline 5 things you absolutely must know before buying any type of baby monitor for your home.

#1 – Are There Any Other Wireless Devices In The Home That Can Cause Interference?

These days everyone has several different wireless devices they use on a regular basis. You will need to consider these devices before choosing which monitor to buy. Some things to consider include mobile phones, Wi-Fi connections and cordless phones just to name a few.

Where you live will also play a huge role in whether or not you have to deal with interference. For example, apartment buildings are more likely to have signal interference. If interference is a real concern, opt for a DECT monitor. This page shows the best wifi video baby monitors available

#2 – What Type Of Monitoring Do You Want To Do?

There are several different types of baby monitors on the market. From basic audio all the way up to video and motion detectors. Figuring out the level of monitoring you want or need is very important. If you are the type of parent who is constantly anxious and worried about your little one, a motion detection monitor may be the best option for you. For some parents an audio only monitor works just fine.

If you would prefer the ability to keep an eye on your baby 24 hours a day, get a monitor that is smartphone compatible. That way you can check in from anywhere.

#3 – When Will You Be Using The Monitor The Most?

Some parents would like to hear every move their baby makes. Other parents would not. If you are the type of parent that would be bothered by the sound of the fan being transmitted through the monitor, you should consider getting a voice or sound activation feature. If you are the type of parent who moves around a lot and may not hear the monitor, vibration mode is a must for you. You can also get one with a signal light.

#4 – What Do You Really Need?

Sometimes parents get very excited and buy the monitor with all the bells and whistles. The question however is, do you really need all those bells and whistles? Chances are you don’t. The key is to sit down and really figure out what you need. Night lights and lullabies are great, but they can also add to the amount you will end up paying. Get a monitor that provides you with only the features you will actually use.

#5 – How Many Children Do You Need To Monitor?

The number of children you have will ultimately determine how many different cameras or audio devices you need. If you currently have more than one child, or you plan on having more in the near future, its best to invest in a baby monitor that allows for various different connections. Similar to earlier, this is a great page showing the best video baby monitors for two rooms. Generally speaking you will need to purchase a video monitor for this option. Sound only monitors usually don’t have this feature.